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FriesiansForExport is a professional trading and training stable established in Sibrandabuorren,  Friesland. We specialize in schooling , buying and selling Friesians horses.

On our website you will find a list of Friesian horses we have for sale . Besides you will find information about other activities and services we offer, such as schooling and training horses to the harness as well as to the rain, hiring out carriages, tilting at the ring, show trotting and shows.

If you are interested or if you have any questions , please feel free to contact us . We will be happy to help you.









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Our offer
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Augustinus Hoekstra (Augie):
It L. Ein 7 (near Autofarm)
8647 SB Sibrandabuorren
email: info@friesiansforexport.com


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