FriesiansForExport are experts in training your horse to the rain as well as to the harness . During the training your horse will stay with us. The basic training of one of the above mentioned disciplines usually lasts four weeks, whereas the combination of training to the rain and to the harnass mostly takes six weeks. The horse gets a varied training program, consisting of lunging, riding and/or driving. To stimulate optimal performance we make a special feeding scheme for every horse. At the end of the training we  gladly offer you the option to work with your horse under our guidance at our stable before you take the horse home.

We have a qualified and enthusiastic team. spacious boxes, an in- and outdoor arena and means of transportation.

The price for the training is fixed by  mutual agreement.

Please feel free to visit our stables: FriesiansForExport at Sibrandabuorren (near the city of Sneek).

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Augustinus Hoekstra (Augie):
It L. Ein 7 (near Autofarm)
8647 SB Sibrandabuorren


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