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FriesiansForExport is very experienced in exporting Friesian horses all over the world. We already exported to many countries, for example USA, Germany, Sweden, Columbia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, England, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Canada, France, Hungary, Spain, Portugal.

Within Europe the horses can be at their destination in two weeks. We take care of all the necessary paperwork and export documents. The horses are transported by a professional transportation company.

In case of transportation by air we make sure that the horses are delivered at the airport with all  necessary papers and export documents. In our stable they can be blood tested and – if necessary - CEM samples can be taken, depending on the final destination. The result of a CEM test is available after ten days.

We can also arrange isolation and quarantine, so that the horses will arrive at their final destination without problems.



On request we can arrange a clinical and/or an X-ray examination by a licensed veterinarian. The clinical check-up includes the health condition and the gaits of the horse. X-rays must show whether there are abnormalities at the bone structures.

At first heart, lungs, eyes, lymph nodes, sinus cavities, back and legs etc. are examined.

Secondly the horse must walk in a straight line on a hard floor to check whether it is not crippled.

Then the bending test on each leg is made, putting all structures under tension. Next the horse must trot during which only a few irrigular steps at the start are allowed.

Then walk and trot in a circle on a hard floor are inspected, followed by an inspection of  walk, trot and canter in a circle on a soft floor. After that heart and lungs are checked once more.

A complete X-ray examination consists of twenty X-rays: four of each fore leg and six of each hind leg.  Of course more X-rays can be taken on demand.

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