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FriesiansForExport is a result of a passion for Friesian horses together with an increasing demand for Friesian horses from abroad. Augustine Hoekstra saw good possibilities in 2000 in making his hobby his profession. Since then FriesiansForExport developed into a fine and reliable trading and training stable.

At the age of 14 Augustine bought his first horse and started taking part in driving competitions. Many a price was taken home. Two years later he bought a second horse to form a team; this two-in-hand was very successful too. At the age of 18 he sold his horses and left for the U.S.A. for a period of two years in order to train Friesian horses and to give shows on behalf of several large stables. During his stay Augustine built up a network, a fact that helped him to start his own trading and training stable: FriesiansForExport.

In 2005 Augustine met his wife Judy. She grew up in Franeker where her parents kept Friesian horses. Despite of her busy job as a nurse, Judy regularly found time to participate together with her father in competitions for tilting at the ring. She not only loves Friesian horses, but is also very much interested in the fashion of the Friesian costumes.  In 2006, Augustine and Judy had a Friesian sjees built (a very special, luxurious two wheeled carriage); Augustine drove this carriage for the first time on the day of their marriage during the yearly, traditional celebration of the Boerenbruiloft in Joure. A beautiful day combined with their shared love for the Friesian horse.

Now they have three sons: Jelte, Ytzen and Kjeld, all budding horsemen. The eldest two drive their Shetland ponies with a local driving club. The boys already gave several shows with their ponies and mini-sjees.

2007 was the year that Augustine started his online shop www.goedkopepaardendekens.nl for the supply of a very broad range of good quality horse-blankets at a good price.

Since 2010 they are very active in the show driving sport.  Each year they successfully introduce new talented horses in various disciplines.  You can meet them at many competitions and events.


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Augustinus Hoekstra (Augie):
It L. Ein 7 (near Autofarm)
8647 SB Sibrandabuorren
email: info@friesiansforexport.com


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